Chocolate + fruit

Real pieces of fruit from tropical regions of Southeast Asia, coated in dark chocolate. 

Our Story 

Deeply rooted in Southeast Asian cuisine

Taking you on a journey of unique flavors, aromas and textures through one of the most exciting food regions in the world.

Delicious and incredible

Because of our commitment to authentic high-quality, recipes, ingredients, and preservation techniques, our products taste better than almost all Southeast Asian food you will find outside of the region

Nourishing body and soul

Using time-tested farming methods that have nourished people for generations, we aim to maximize our positive impact from farm to table.


Non-GMO Commitment

At Xomi Foods, we feel that you should know everything about your food. Where it's from, how it's made, who the farmers are, and if it is produced with genetic engineering. You can be confident that your food contains no GMOs, and is handled to the highest international standards.  


Our Products

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